How does Sproutr work?

Sproutr is a shares for service hiring company, designed to help startups and entrepreneurs get the help they need.

We provide legal templates and match making services, so you can focus on growing your unique idea into a flourishing business.

What Sproutr Does

Sproutr is the best dating service you have ever used - only it's for your business!

First, we get to know you.

We do this through validating who you are to guarantee we have the best businesses and Professionals. This is for quality assurance and is particularly important if you
wish to work for shares. We do this by following a vetting process which will look different for both Professionals and startups.

For Startups:

We will look at your business, what you do and basic market information. Much like any, VC we will get to know you. This is to ensure that there are no fake businesses or scammers.
Don’t worry though - all your information is kept private and only shown with your consent.

For Professionals:

We get to know you. We require references and portfolios of work to ensure we get the best talent on our site. This is to ensure that you are up to the task of helping a business
with its needs. These will become part of your profile page once your references and portfolio have been authenticated.

Post a project.

This can be anything from web design work to marketing. Tell us what you do and what you need. Our match making system will find you Professionals best suited to the job.

Find your Professional.

Professionals will apply to your projects with offers. Once your project is live you will receive applications from Professionals who are interested in working on your project.
Suitable Professionals will also be notified about your project.

Negotiate with your chosen Professional.

Once you have selected a Professional you are interested in working with, you can negotiate terms that will be placed in our smart contracts. These range from price of the project,
equity and responsibilities. This is the most important part of the project. Remember to clearly articulate what you want done in your project.
Specific fields can be negotiated regarding payment amount, skills and the scope of the job. These are then collected and a contract is formed.

Get started.

Once you have both agreed on the particulars your smart contract will be generated and you can start working. The contract is formed and you are both able to sign and start working.
Your unsigned contract will be securely stored with us and you are able to store the signed one with us as well if you wish. It is of note that the signing will happen off our site once
your contract is generated. To access the contract, you must pay for its template.

Team brainstorming

Behind Sproutr

Jozey and Alex from Sproutr

Alex Bowler
Co-Founder, CEO

Alex is an entrepreneur, just like you. He knows the struggles
of trying to grow a business without the resources to do so.

Alex came up with Sproutr as a way to lower the red tape and get
businesses started.

Alex specialises in finance and international business.

He is also a student at university and and avid fan of the beach!

Jozey Michalek
Co-Founder, CTO

Jozey is an ICT graduate, and an old high school robotics friend
of Alex.

Alex realised he needed someone with technical skills to get the
business off the ground, and Jozey is highly focused on making this a reality.

She specialises in information security, business analysis and software development.

Jozey loves learning new languages and going to the gym!


It's simple. What are you waiting for?